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    I run IPMonitor at work (love it) and downloaded the free edition for my home lab environment.  I just noticed for the last month IPMonitor has stopped producing reports with values.  Everything is blank or zero.  At home I'm running Windows Server 2016 and IPM 10.9.0.


    Anyone else bump into this?



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    Hi Neomatrix1217, we are running version 12.1

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    We have a requirement to detect and alert on a device trying to call an external or out of range IP address on a closed private network (no external routes at all).


    i.e an address that ARP/DNS will deliberately not resolve. Could be a device that is legally on the network and happily talking to its legal neighbours but then every now and again sneaks in a connect request to its overseas manufacturer,


    Whilst the network will never route etc. its a requirement to detect and alert that this has happened rather than just allowing it to quietly fail

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  • 07/22/19--08:23: Spread the Word!
    1. What was life like before using SolarWinds? (Include what you were using and why you decided it was time for a change)
      1. The product I previously used (Zabbix) was clunky and difficult to set up. Moving to SolarWinds has been a breeze.
    2. Which SolarWinds product(s) saved your bacon?
      1. APM has been a game-changer, and has saved our company money. We were previously using Perl on Windows for monitoring, but thanks to APM's Powershell monitors, we can be much more efficient.
    3. Did you consider other options, and why did you choose SolarWinds?
      1. SolarWinds was already set up when I started working at my company, but they previously used Zabbix.
    4. How has life been since you've rolled out SolarWinds in your environment?
      1. I was not a part of the previous environment, but SolarWinds has been a vital part of our NOC.

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    I am having a problem with an HP DL 325 Gen10 running version 1.43 of AMS.  Sporadically, it will cease reporting events to the System log in Windows and will only restart sending if I manually Stop and Start the AMS service (a Restart will not do the job).  This has been verified by pulling either of the power supplies or disconnecting the network adapters.  We currently run a proprietary software package that monitors the event viewer and traps these events for error monitoring.

    SNMP is not enabled (as required by the customer) and neither is the System Management Agent.  From what I can read about AMS, neither of these is necessary and that makes sense in that it does continue to report events up until it decides to stop.  I cannot find any events in any of the Windows logs that tie to the time when these reports stop.

    Is there any assitance that anyone can offer?  We have reached out to HP with little satisfaction.

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  • 07/22/19--07:13: Asset Search Issues
  • Ive noticed when I search for specific companies in  assets, I always get back different assets that belong to other companies, is there a way to resolve this issue?

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    You can do this but you would need to setup three of these to accomplish what you want to do.

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    It works! Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it, zbynek.botlo

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    Hi rph,


    I'm facing the same issue and i opened the case with support as well where i gave your comment as a reference.

    The support engineer is digging down the issue but he is interested to see your case history to know about the issue resolution.


    can you please share the case number here which you opened with support? Thanks

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    Yes it should work